"Mulembe" is a greeting in Lugisu, my language. It is a language spoken by a people who live on the western slopes of Mt. Elgon in eastern Uganda. When literally translated it means "peace." The person being greeted would also respond with the same, "Mulembe." This greeting serves the purpose of declaring no intention of harm. Therefore, I welcome everyone to this blog with, "Mulembe!"

Jun 16, 2011

Lunar Eclipe in Uganda - The New Vision, June 15, 2011

"UGANDANS got a rare optical treat from the longest lunar eclipse in more than a decade that turned the moon bloody red on Wednesday night. Across the country, thousands stood outside their houses catching a glimpse of the unusual spectacle. The eclipse, which began at around 9:30pm lasted for close to two hours.
Lunar eclipse occurs when the earth casts its shadow over the moon and blocks the sun’s rays from striking the moon."

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