"Mulembe" is a greeting in Lugisu, my language. It is a language spoken by a people who live on the western slopes of Mt. Elgon in eastern Uganda. When literally translated it means "peace." The person being greeted would also respond with the same, "Mulembe." This greeting serves the purpose of declaring no intention of harm. Therefore, I welcome everyone to this blog with, "Mulembe!"

May 28, 2011

The Pearl of Africa

Sipi Falls, near Mt. Elgon, Uganda, 2008

I totally agree with Winston Churchill who described Uganda as "the Pearl of Africa."

Whether you arrive by road, train or plane, you will immediately be struck by Uganda's beautiful, elegant landscape and its friendly people.

Uganda is blessed with nature's beauty and has been referred to as the "Garden of Paradise."  Mountains, waterfalls, forests, lakes, the Equator, islands, rocks and rock paintings are all there, and much more.  Tourists go to the southwest to visit the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park where they can track gorillas, and see beautiful Lake Bunyonyi and the rolling hills of Kigezi. To the west they can see the breath-taking, Murchison Falls, the Ruwenzori mountains of the moon and the Ruwenzori National Park.  In central Uganda one can cross the Equator, visit Lake Victoria , tour Sesse Island and visit bustling Kampala, the city built on seven hills.  To the east through Mabira Forest one can visit the Source of the Nile and Bujaggali Falls near Jinja, Uganda's second largest city, where whitewater rafting is a big attraction.  Travelling northeast one can visit and climb Mt. Elgon, see the beautiful Sipi and Sisiyi Falls, view the the Nyero historic rock paintings, and enjoy beautiful Mbale town.  In northern Uganda tropical forests give way to a savannah lanscape.  There one can visit Mweya National Park. In the National Parks the tourists are assured of seeing wild life - elephants, giraffes, zebras, lions etc. Uganda is a natural and cultural treasure chest - true pearls to harvest!


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Jim Lassiter said...

Great post, Immy Rose. Uganda has it all!

Immy Rose said...

Thank you, Jim.:)